David PD Hyde is a British Artist and Photographer based in London, United Kingdom. He was born with physical disabilities and adopted by a British family in his early teens. After graduating in 2015 with a BA (Hons) in Photography, he began collaborating with other creatives to develop fashion and beauty editorials. His projects often include inclusive castings with a strong focus on sustainable fashion and climate change messages. 


•    2015 Group Exhibition - Graduate Exhibition with Free Range, London, United Kingdom

•    2016 Group Exhibition - The Many Faces of Fashion in PhotoVogue at Leica Galerie (Vogue Italia and Leica Camera Italia), Milan, Italy

•    2019 Group Exhibition – Photovogue Festivial, A Glitch in the System, deconstructing stereotypes (Vogue Italia), Milan, Italy

•    2021 Group Exhibition – Able Zine Issue 2 Exhibition at Kiosk N1C, London, United Kingdom